• 1990s SegaSonic clock
    1990s SegaSonic clock
    Here are 2 wall clocks from the 1990s. The square one is mostly white, using classic line art for the 'face' & has blue hands. It's rather uncommon to see an uncovered/unenclosed clock face. The round one has a black plastic border, finger-waving classic Sonic art & black hands. Neither…
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This is a disc for the Sonic Lost World soundtrack, but it's the "Bonus Soundtrack Special Selection". The disc has a nice, clean look with all white background, colorful logo & breakdancing Sonic CG art. Though the hole for the middle does hide his entire body. This is being released as some sort of promotional pack component for the Lost World game in 2013. This disk only has 3 songs on it. 

The case it came in has Sonic & Tails in the Tornado flying above the Lost World on the front, & the back has Sonic collecting rings and leaping over a piece of square ground. The back states which 3 songs are on there: Wonder World, Zone Music Medly & Deadly Six Theme. 


Sonic Lost world bonus soundtrack casePhoto & info by Chibiko


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