• 6 classic shirts from around 2014
    6 classic shirts from around 2014
     Another tee with the accurate "This is what Awesome Looks Like!" slogan on it. This time, it uses a shiny sliver tone paint for the slogan. It has classic arms-crossed Sonic in the middle of a blue ring with white stars. It's good to see the use of creative inks…
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The Movie Soundtrack was released on real vinyl records by "Enjoy the Ride Records". Here, you can see their factory photos of the records in their printed card sleeves. There is a flesh tone one (why) and a pretty silver/white spatter one with a blue splash in the center, flecked through with white speckles.

More for the movie sound track.
This record has 2 sides with 14 songs. It is a silvery white color with red/blue confetti spatter effect radiating out from the center. (Did you know? Most all vinyl records were black, but now new technology allows colorful vinyl that is decorated like this and probably each one is a bit different) The sleeve has the movie poster on the front, & 2 scenes from it on the back, of course with Jim Carrey the headline actor. 

Here are all versions of the Movie Sonic Records. All of these are very limited releases. 

Pressing Information
Sonic Blue (Limited Edition- 700 total copies)
Gold Ring (Limited to 500 Copies: General Retail)
Clear with Red & Blue Splatter (Limited to 200 copies: Zavvi Exclusive)
Sonic Spin Dash (Limited to 300 copies: ETR Web Store Exclusive)

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: International


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