• Toyfair 2020 Jakks Pacific Catalog
    Toyfair 2020 Jakks Pacific Catalog
    At Toyfair 2020, Jakks Pacific shows their new plush!Tomy lost the classic license for Sonic, so Jakks Pacific tries their hand at classic dolls now. They have 2 big size ones on display, a Sonic & a Tails, plus the usual 'box o smalls' where a cardboard open top carton…
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Sonic Movie CD Soundtrack

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

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Record players are big and not everyone has them, so of course the soundtrack has to be on a CD too. Here it is in its case which says "Limited Edition" (was it really?) The music was composed by Tom Holkenborg. The CD is suppsoed to have all the same songs as the vinyl records above. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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