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Wow, a bike!
This is a fully modern Sonic themed kids size bike. You can see Sonic details almost every where. The chain cover has a CG portrait of him, the lower bar has blue checkering with the logo, the mid bar has that 'kids pad' thing on there with CG Sonic & Tails and the back bar has 3 rings on it. The front forks also have 3 rings on each as well. The steering shaft has a modern logo & the handle bar guard pad has the same Sonic/Tails print on there. The seat uses the "S" in a stars-circle (commonly seen on party supplies) on the top. Then, the optional training wheels are attached, and they are star-bumper themed, which is actually a really cute touch. The branding here is really good, the bicycle is totally Sonic & any little-kid fan would love to ride it. Too bad it's apparently uncommon.
A company in the Netherlands was supposed to have made this & then let it out in various EU countries but so far only England found them despite being a supposed 2013 release. 

Of course, a helmet to go with the above bike is the perfect accessory!
And...right at the same time/on cue there comes "Universal UK" Sonic Bike helmet for kids. It's a kids sizes only helmet where the shell over the foam is blue plastic. It has all CG Sonic, Knuckles & Tails in 'jumping forward' poses, among neat gold CG rings. The helmet has a red border and....there's even a star-bumper detail applied to the black foam underside. What a fun, extra touch to make it even more Sonic-like. This is a good helmet.

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