• Love Live Rin Wall Scroll
    Love Live Rin Wall Scroll
    Here is a Love Live Rin Wall Scroll.The Love Live Rin & Sonic cross-promotion appeared perhaps 6 months or so before the scroll. (Products seen elsewhere on Gear, including retail display standees & etc) However, any big fans of the crossover promotion can now get the scroll with the main…
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Sonic the Movie standee

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

Tags: Standee Sonic the Movie Germany

Sort of a standee.
This is a German cardboard promotional item. A 'standee' is usually a life size (or big) cardboard cut out that is free-standing to advertise something. In this case, it seems likely to be a counter-top item maybe 24 inches high tops, or so. It has running movie-Sonic in a ring, but he's die-cut out so you can see through it and it looks more dynamic. It's got the movie logo at the bottom with "Ab 13, Februar, Hier Im Kino", so it's a bit of an announcement for when you can see it. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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