• Hang-gliding Sonic Pin
    Hang-gliding Sonic Pin
    Hang-gliding Sonic from the infamous Sonic 2 Game Gear game level that no one liked. Apparently, Sonic doesn't like it either as he's frowning/frusterated on this pin. Also: he has no tail. Looking on the back, you can find "(C)SEGA TM". Detail info provided by: Hypersuperchao
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This is a poster that appeared at the Neuremberg Toyfair in 2015. It's technically not a store display, but it has a picture of one on it. The poster has some photos of the toys, a CG Sonic image & pictures of a cardboard display like item that may or may not have actually gotten made.

It proclaims that the talking plush, collectible figures & launchers will be the leading items. The description of the cardboard display claims that it will be 'defining the space in the store, and creating brand prescence'. Did the display actually appear in any store in the USA or Europe?

Neurenberg Toyfair Sonic Boom


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