• Tails Super Poser
    Tails Super Poser
    Jazwares' 2nd unique Super Poser is Tails, and, like Knuckles before him, they've done another great job. He's proportional, and the face looks well done. He has the usual super poser articulation (seen at right) which includes wrist rotation & tilt, fingers (together) that move, ankle hinges as well as…
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Sonic Adventure rent it now sign

Photo credit: Elisto Dragonwings

Tags: Store Standup Display Item United States Sonic Adventure 1 Dreamcast

In the time of Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 1, video rental stores were still a big place to go for games. Here, Hollywood Video has a cardboard big size floor standee with SA1 Sonic & the Dreamcast logo. It has "Rent it Now" emblazoned across his shoe/the front, and a logo base. You could rent both the game, and the system to play it on at Hollywood video. It's great to see them using Sonic to help popularize game rentals. (You can see how big this is with the blue baseball cap there off to the side)

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  • Region: America


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