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Photo credit: Bianca Nishitani

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This is a Segaworld London catalog by HMV. At right, you can see the front, back and how to order along with ordering rules & etc. The left shows the actual order form, and the merchandise you could get. Pretty much all of the merchandise has the same image on it: Running stock Sonic and the "Segaworld" logo/word. The colors of the things vary, but they're all pretty generic/similar looking simple branded things. What all can you see here?

Bottom: Various colored caps & hats, left square item is "Record Bag" (yes, for the large vinyl items) center is a plush, right is a "Mini ruck sack" There is also a CD case, & ski cap but the CDs are mock-ups. Middle: Shirts of various colors with the logo in various places, plus a pair of jogging pants. The bottom shirt has Sonic punching through the letters for "SEGAWORLD". Long sleeve, short sleeve, sweat shirt & etc. The center shirt has the only large design- 'hands on hips' foreward Sonic stock art. Top: A wool "melton jacket" which is the most expensive at 65 pounds. A Rugby shirt, a sweatshirt, a 'big face' shirt which is Sonic with thumbs up in a square (center) and a polo shirt. All of the items were fairly expensive ranging from about 8 pounds to over 25. Possibly due to relativly high price for the time, and plain-ness/similarity of the designs the items here aren't common today. This catalog was active in 1996. 

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