• Magazine Silver the Hedgehog mistake
    Magazine Silver the Hedgehog mistake
    Magazines can make mistakes too. This is a catalog that appears to feature multiple franchises of plush toys. They show Silver here but have everything about him wrong. The logo is classic, the subhead is "Silver Sonic, Bionic Sonic". They refer to him as the end sub boss of Sonic 2,…
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More Toy Factory canadian plushes

Photo credit: Pat Mac

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In 2017 Canada gets some good news, and a little bad news with this sheet. It's from a trade publication (so, for stores/retail) & shows the planned plushes that Toy Factory wants to release. They're sold by the case (so, only lots at once) and are to act as amusement prizes (so, carnival type games) and crane-game (UFO) type prizes too. They give 1 example photo of a doll, a classic Sonic, & use a CG shot of Sonic Tails & Knuckles to sort of show they're planning more characters.

The Sonic doll here is exactly the same one from their 2016 ad above.
What's the bad news? It looks like the above "Classic Tails" plush has been cancelled. If you look at the list, there are several sizes for classic Sonic (Up to 24 inch! Nice & big) some assortments where you could get multiple characters in 1 box, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles Sonic Modern & Amy Rose too. However, everyone except Sonic is labeled as Modern. When will these begin to appear? Will they do just as good a job with the other characters as they seem to here with the classic Sonic? Write in for credit if you see one/win one. 

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