Thanks to information from Link in Germany, you can read the news about ToyNetwork's change of plans. Here are 2 of their current Sonic Plushes. Normally not a big deal, but they've changed how they are made.

ToyNetwork used to use plastic sew-on eyes which resulted in many mishaps and hideous dolls. Their new products will now feature only decal-type eyes (seen here). Each eye style has advantages/disadvantages, but only time will tell how these new ones hold up. They improve the look *some* but are not yet ideal.

Also, they have changed the stuffing inside their dolls, so they are now softer to hold. However...this has resulted in the "Underfilling" of some plushes which causes them to look wrinkly/shrivelled or not hold their shape.

Note: amusment parks and possibly also arcades can have these plushes available as prizes. "Kennywood" is confirmed as a place you can win them in the USA.

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Toy Network


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