Giant Tails!
This is another plush from the Toy Network giant line. This one is nearly 4.5 ft. high! It is not quite as large as the Giant Amy. However, it does have some problems, like the insides of his ears being dark gray, and his eyes being too large but with tiny irises. The tiny irises make him look rather unappealing. His hands are not individually fingered, either, which should've been done for something this large and pricey. His fill is a light-weight synthetic material. These should be able to be won (with tickets) at "GameWorks" arcades which are located in different areas of the USA. Toy Network produced giant size plushes like this only until 2005, when they stopped & never re-started.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2005
  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Toy Network


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