• 6 Sonic Mania hoodies
    6 Sonic Mania hoodies
    Here are 6 Sonic hoodie sweat shirts straight from the Sega Shop online. They are basically just 3 designs, and the other is a color variant of the first.The first is "Sonic Rings & Wings" which is classic Sonic in the winged ring balancing a ring on his finger under…
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Now you have! It's quite a spectacle to see a 5 foot high Sonic doll, and here he is from Toy Network. That little figure on the head in the right-side photo is the Jazwares 3 inch figure, to show for scale just how big this really is.
But how much does it weigh?
15 pounds! That's quite a lot for a plush, so it is a very interesting fact to know. It is full of styrofoam beads. Naturally, this is a Toy Network item, and he is likely their very biggest one. Like all their huge stuff, he was a win-only carnival or arcade prize...so he's never easy to get.
There's cardboard in the ears to help them stand up (likely needed for something of this size) But look at the proportions, they're all actually good! Big good shoes, proper spikes...this guy's not terrible at all (unless you're in a small apartment) This is a 2005 item.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2005
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Toy Network


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