This is a rare mint in the package shot of some "Party Crackers". A cracker is a sort of gimmick item to dispense prizes and celebrate occaisions. Usually they're for New Years. It's a tube & you pull the ends so that it makes a 'crack' noise and spreads confetti, glitter, stickers, ribbons, toys, plastic jewelry or other random celebration items. In this case they let out figures, badges (pin buttons) and stickers with themes of Sonic, Tails & Robotnick. The caption says "The Crackers With Attitude" & explains they were 9.99 pound. Notice how bad the bad the Sonic & Tails figures are. Tails is yellow with a brown (it's very brown!) bottom of his face. Robotnick looks much more like Eggman too, so this must have been a pretty early item. Still, these are cool to look at here new in the box. Disposable things like this are notoriously rare to see years later.

Additional Info

  • Region: EU
  • Price list: 9.99 pound


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