Sonic 2 play ball

Photo credit: Kari XIII

Tags: Sonic 2 Ball United Kingdom

This is a general purpose 'play ball' for any game that requires a big ball. It is very interesting with colorful, very detailed graphics and some mixed up art. It was released with Sonic 2 (obviously) but features the old Standing Sonic 1 poster art on one side, and a real mash-up on the other. You've got 4-fingers Eggman/Robotnick grabbing the "2" from another poster, but then there's Japanese stock (old!) bow-tie wearing Sonic and a really strange, overly small, big-eye Tails pointing at the background. The ball uncommon, and very interesting to see. It was made by Mattel, so it is not a fake, despite the odd art choices. 

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  • Region: EU


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