• Takko Classic Sonic Tee
    Takko Classic Sonic Tee
    This shirt is by a new company "Takko". It was made for Germany, & was also manufactured in Germany as well, which is slightly unusual. It uses neo-classic art, with jumping Sonic. The shirt is bright red, & the design does have a little bit of that 'weathering' / faux…
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A Sonic scooter?
It seems so! This is a kids size outdoor scooter with 2 wheels and a simple handlebar design. The foot board area has CG jumping/punch Sonic on it, there's a star bumper on the bar that attaches the footboard to the body, the "S" in star ring above the front wheel, and 4 gold rings on each side of the upright bar. The handlebars are plain black/soft rubber guards. The handle bar height is adjustable. The wheels are black hard rubber, with red plastic cores.
It's nicely Sonic-designed, it doesn't feel generic or boring. The mystery is how it got to Canada. This was made for Europe by a Netherlands company but somehow the scooter only shows up in Canadian product listings.

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  • Region: Unknown


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