• Small Tomy TOys Sonic Plush
    Small Tomy TOys Sonic Plush
    Tomy Toys did a small Sonic plush that had suction cups on the hands and feet so you could stick him to flat surfaces. You can see them near the bottom of the photo.
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Sonic Hot Wheels Danicar

Photo credit: SonicFan09

Tags: Hot Wheels United States Cars Sega All Stars Racing

Hot Wheels has worked with Sonic themed cars before. This time, they made a...strange car and painted it so that it looks like it might be a relative of the Sonic All Stars Racing / Sega sponsored car Danica (seen here on the card) drove in the race. This is the "Danicar".
Why didn't they make a replica of the actual car? This car is unusual because if you look closely, it has 6 wheels. The front is a smallish fin & the engine is sort of exposed in the back while the driver gets a cockpit type area. It's still got the Sega / Sonic & GoDaddy branding/logos, along with some green flames.
This could be gotten as a pre-order bonus at GameStop for Sonic AllStars Racing 2...but where else can you find it? 

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  • Region: America


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