• Summer of Sonic prize shirt
    Summer of Sonic prize shirt
    Here's a shirt that was actually a prize at the Summer of Sonic event!This Sonic Heroes theme tee was a give-away item there. As you can see it doesn't have anything on the front or back (somewhat unusual) but it uses the 3 stripes and logo on both of the…
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This is called the "Japanese Design Sonic Wallet".
It is a Sega Shop item, new for 2019, and costs 18 dollars. It's made of that sturdy nylon tight-woven cloth, and is a simple bi-fold wallet. It's all black, printed with white ink. It has a small checker background, and 3 point pose classic Sonic. Look at the little circle there in the corner: cute Tails is walking along!
There are words printed across the front edge & all up one side...but what do they say? See those complex ones? Those are Kanji & you can't really look them up because they are not letters. The SegaShop won't tell you what the words are either....do they even know?

*It seems stupid to not provide a translation on the site where you're selling something. People would want to know before they shelled out 18 bucks on anything.
The little Tails circle makes this really cute! The unusual (in America) stock art is a good touch, as is the size of the art. This is a well-thought-out piece, and a nice wallet to collect. The price isn't too terrible either. With this one, the Sega Shop does a really nice job.


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