• Grid like Modern Sonic shirt
    Grid like Modern Sonic shirt
    This shirt adds a new twist to modern Sonic art. Half of him has been converted to a wireframe or grid-like design. The top says "Built For Speed" and the bottom just says Sonic the Hedgehog. It's written in a technical looking font, and in hot green, to look like…
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Walmart Sonic watches

Photo credit: Solar Sonic

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Here are 2 different watches that can be found at Wal Mart, likely starting around new-years 2014. They began appearing in the little 'gift bag' you see here, with a red bow on the handle. The bag has Sonic & Tails, with a window/hole so you can see the plastic case for the watch inside. The watches appear to be in some sort of plastic clamshell. These are really the inexpensive-type of watch. The digital display is that really tiny rectangle (you can hardly see it) at the bottom of each design there. They were only about 5.00 when found. The band is plastic, with plastic buckle too. One has just jumping modern Sonic, the other has Sonic & facing away Shadow. The one with the red band only came in that little bag. Distribution on these watches was likely not that great, people had trouble spotting them until well after the initial release. 


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  • Region: America


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