• Speed Freak Sonic shirt
    Speed Freak Sonic shirt
    This tee is likely made by the same company that did the above two. Did you find these in a store? Write in to say where they may be found, for credit. This shirt has classic running Sonic (but footless! and his 'run doodles' are so light he just looks…
    in Classic Clothing

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This is an interesting item. Supposedly from America..but look at the watch face. It has VERY Japan-like renditions of Eggman, Flicky Bird and the bunny as line-art in the background. You can find these on Ebay currently, and they're nearly always out of the USA, which is odd due to the art style. There is an almost identical, or exactly identical one that was sold in the UK as well. It can be seen on UK Accessories. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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