• Insert coin Sonic clothing
    Insert coin Sonic clothing
    The Sonic Stadium has a prototype article.Apparently, the clothing maker "Insert Coin" will be producing a series of items includingGreen hill all-over design leggings for girlsTees & Sweatshirts for anyone to wearEverything OTHER than the leggings seems to be of a subtile nature. There's nothing with a picture of a…
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This is a JAPAN and USA release...but mostly Japan.
Watch importers in the usa will be sure to get a hold of it though, so it may be considered for both areas. It maybe also should be considered for 'high end' gear, and will also likely be an uncommon item.
This is a Seiko watch that's being made for Sonic's 30th Anniversary. It is an analog all metal watch with metal band. There will only be 3,000 of it made and each one costs 450 dollars. There are lots of nice details though. The green border of seconds-markers is sliiiiightly 'green hill' checkered. The face is a metallic version of Sonic-blue color. The tiny timer circle thing at the top has the winged-ring with ribbon banner from the title screen, there are rings for the number markers between the main ones, and of course, Sonic (classic) is shown as a pixel-sprite running on the edge near the 4. Then, did you notice? The non-pointer-end of the second-hand has a little star on it for good measure. There is a square hole for the date & 2 other dials to do something also. So, it has plenty of watch features.

This will be released in August 2021, but because it is a higher-end item, watch e-news outlets have started covering it early due to it's liklihood of being pretty-darn collectible. A good, higher-end Sonic item with a solid but tidy look. Hopefully any fan with a bunch of money can get one of these as Seiko has done a good job here making something classically styled while including lots of fun detail at the same time.

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  • Region: Asia


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