• Sonic Colours bonus figure mockups
    Sonic Colours bonus figure mockups
    Here are 2 mock up art pieces for the bonus Sonic Figure & Wisps that will be released in Australia. You can easily see how the art was created. The box you see here (planned to hold the game (in back) and display the figure & wisps in the front) is…
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Sonic X Coloring Book

Photo credit: Taaron

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Coloring books are great. They provide a fun opportunity to not only color, but trace and draw as well. A Sonic X coloring book would be a great thing to learn with!
The inside is loaded with lots of line art from the show that you can color in or trace onto other paper. It likely has single character shots, scenes and various lesser-seen characters. In 2009, you can sometimes buy this from www.atamii.com --however, it does go in and out of stock because people like the item so well and it IS an import. Where could it be found naturally in Japan?

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  • Region: Asia


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