• SegaSonic Cloth
    SegaSonic Cloth
    More cloth! Here's yet another random rectangle of cloth with Sonic pictures on it. It is thought to be from around the time of Sonic 1. It has a black stripe vertically with "Segasonic" on it in red. There are 2 small pixel-type Sonic graphics in the upper corner &…
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What is this curious crank cube? It's a pencil sharpener. Does it have a suction base or were you supposed to hold it down with your foot while you held the pencil in & turned the crank? The top has 'chibi' style Sonic, Tails & Knuckles looking cute, while 1 side has the Sonic CD Metal Sonic graphic, while the other side has the Sonic half to that graphic. The box to the
right side is how it looked MIB. The "A2" probably referrs to the size of the pencil it would take.This is a rare sharpener. Photos by SonicTeam.

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  • Region: Asia


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