• Sonic face socks
    Sonic face socks
    Yes...here comes another variation on Sonic socks.This is yet another pair of 'forward facing Sonic classic face' all blue socks. This time they're knee-highs, which have been seen on before on a previous page, but now they combine the knee-high length with the wacky fetl spike add-ons that are sewn…
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Here are 2 movie mugs from the Sega Shop.
They're both the same black ceramic mug base, both 15 dollars each, but with a different design. The top mug has the movie logo by itself on one side & the 'darkened look' CG Sonic in a dim 'ring' shape with some rectangles for the background. Here, he's shown pointing. The bottom mug has the logo, adds the "Whole new speed of hero" slogan at the top, and a sprinkle of rectangles throughout. The other side has 'darkened' or shadowed CG running movie-Sonic, while the rectangles there are shown as CG/glowing to give him a bright background/a reason for hiding his design in the shadows. They are ok mugs if you like the movie style.

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  • Region: America


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