• Sega Shop backpack in 2019
    Sega Shop backpack in 2019
    The Sega Shop brings out a backpack in 2019.This is their first school bag offering in the online store and it's...ok? It's an all black standard sized bag, in the usual shape. The Sonic element is a classic forward-facing face on the upper exterior pocket. But, it's cut to the…
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This is a copper or copper-toned keychain. It's metal, with a raised Sonic design & wiggly die-cut edge. The "Segasonic the Hedgehog" early era logo is stamped across him in further-raised letters at an angle. It is on a round beaded chain.
There is a whole set of these (notice that the shoe horn keychain is also this copper color metal) but the only known photo of the set is terribly small/poor & ancient. This is likely to be an uncommon keychain.

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  • Region: Asia


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