• Sonic & the black knight figure 3"
    Sonic & the black knight figure 3"
    The boxes for this line are quite nice. As you can see the bubbles are textured and they do have an inner part to keep the figure safe. With bright colors and attractive stickering, the figures are appealing on the shelves, while being very hard to bootleg, with the fancy…
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Now here's something REALLY strange!
This is a trophy of some kind, but it looks like they took the ReSaurus giant talking Sonic, and bronzed him! This trophy is nearly (likely exactly) like the giant talking figure. How could someone bronze an action figure? (as the item to be used is plastic, and the process involves dipping the item in melted metal!) It's also possible that it is some type of strange coating they applied. You can see that it is among various 10th anniversary items like the Crystal Cube and Pin Sets. (elsewhere on the site)
The trophy appears to be doing what the ReSaurus figure did best: Tipping over! It looks off-balance or improperly positioned. It says "Sega Dreamcast Championships 02.05.00" on the base. This is quite an interesting item. Photo discovered by: Sonicrulz14


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